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Welcome to the Salsa Loca online shop
 Top Buy the Maxi CD: 'Amor Con Amor'  
'Amor Con Amor'  

The Maxi CD 'Amor Con Amor' costs 50 DDK (including postage)

How to buy:

  1. Please fill out the form below and press 'Order CD'

  2. Next, transfer 50 DDK to the following (Danish) Jyske Bank account:
    Reg. no: 5013, bank account no: 0001369345
    Please remember to use the name that you fill out below for reference!

    When tranferring from outside Denmark please use ...
    - Jyske Banks' SWIFT code: JYBADKKK
    - The account's IBAN no.: DK1150130001369345
    - The address of the bank:
       Jyske Bank - Østerbro, Østerbrogade 25, 2100 Copenhagen Ø, Denmark

When we have registered your transfer we will rush you a copy of the CD sent to the address below.
Postal code & city:     

About the CD:

'Amor Con Amor' is the long-awaited first CD release from Salsa Loca (released Dec. 2003)
The CD is a Maxi CD with 3 original tracks.

The tracks:
- El Amor de mis Sueños (Jakob Johansen), 5:19     (1:15, WMA 906 Kb)
- Salsa Loca (Sten Holme), 5:08     (1:21, WMA 1.0 Mb)
- Amor Con Amor (Per Kincaid), 5:46     (1:34, WMA 1.1 Mb)

Quotes from the Danish CD review in the leading Danish Salsa portal HiFiSalsa:

- "There's a danger that you'll end up being 'crazy (loca) about Salsa', too!", - "Smooth, it's Salsa Loca at their very best", - "They have succeeded in bringing the magic from the stage to the recording studio".

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